MeQrez General Hospital

Why Choose MeQrez ?

Broad Specialty and Subspecialty Service

MeQrez is well equipped with state of the Art equipment and health professional, we provide all range of treatment with specialists and subspecialist doctors who are also well recognized academicians 

Networked HMIS

 Medical evaluation and documentation of patients medical summary is done electronically via networked HMIS which is modern, time efficient and not liable to medical mishandling. 

24/7 Service

 We are also committed to provide services after hour (early morning, late working hours and weekends. 

Technology at its Core


በ31 ሳምንታቸው የተወለዱት ሶስቱ መንትያ ህጻናት

Summer long Pediatric Surgery Discount

One Life One Liver

አንድ ህይወት አንድ ጉበት

Abaye Package II

አባዬ ፪

Abaye Package I

አባዬ ፩

EMMA Package

እማ ጥቅል

Birhan Package

ብርሃን የጤና ምርመራ ጥቅል

In-Person Services at
MeQrez General Hospital

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Specialties, Services & Treatments

We provide a full range of family care and more than 40 specialty and subspecialty health care services for patients in our service area.


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