We provide a full range of family care and more than 40 specialty and subspecialty health care services for patients in our service area.

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Eye Services (Optometry)

Eye care services including eye examinations, contact lens fitting, treatment for infections and specialized vision testing.

Eye Diseases (Ophthalmology)

We offer basic and comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis, management and treatment of eye disease and related disorders.

Endocrinology (Diabetes & Metabolism)

Care, education and support for those with endocrine, hormonal, glandular, diabetes and metabolism disorders.

Emergency Medicine

We are ready 24-hours a day to provide care for all types of emergencies.

Ear, Nose & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology)

Care for those with problems with the sinuses, ears, adenoids, tonsils and thyroid allowing for proper breathing, speaking and hearing.