Birhan Package

ብርሃን የጤና ምርመራ ጥቅል

  • Full history, physical Examination by an internist, with the option to transfer to gynecologist or surgeon, if the need arises.
  • Analysis of the cell counts and distribution of blood cells.
  • Analysis of the Liver’s functional capacity through liver enzymes, waste products, and biproducts of synthesized chemicals.
  • Analysis of the Kidneys’ functional capacity through waste products, namely creatinine and Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN).
  • Measures the glucose level in the blood stream before or after a meal, respectively
  • Stool exam to check for the existance of occult (hidden) gastrointestinal bleeding, serving as an indicator for colorectal cancer
  • Screening for Hepatitis viruses – Hepatitis Band C
  • Cardiovascular disease assessment through the evaluation of the levels of lipid products – Triglycerides, Cholestrol, HDL, and LDL
  • Sonographic screening of the abdominal cavity, the reproductive and urinary organs

Price 6,900.00ETB