thirteen. Uri gangaji – “All of our canine” or “My personal canine”

thirteen. Uri gangaji – “All of our canine” or “My personal canine”

Does this word sound familiar? You may have heard they several times from the Gwiyomi Tune because of the South Korean singer Hari. Clearly because of the song’s chipper tone and wholesome disposition, gwiyomi refers to a lovely people – or perhaps to be more particular, an early on girl exactly who appears lovable and you can innocent.

The latest Gwiyomi Song erupted toward a widespread technology all-over China, where famous a-listers did their own systems of tune and replicated the fresh new sweet hand actions about music clips.

nine. Yeojachingu – “Girlfriend”

To mention to help you a woman since your girlfriend, say yeojachingu . For folks who fall apart that it keyword into two fold, this really is simply a variety of yeoja (“woman”) and chingu (“friend”). Simple, right?

10. Namjachingu – “Boyfriend”

Tune Joong-ki, Kang Ha-neul, Jung Hae-in, Hyun Bin, Park Search engine optimization-joon… Sorry, was i nonetheless talking about terms? Proper, ok, thus! To-name someone their boyfriend, you can utilize namjachingu . Much like the earlier example, that it title away from endearment constitutes two Korean words: namja (“man”) and you can chingu (“friend”).

Today what you need to carry out was fall to the Kim Soo-hyun ‘s the reason and you will Ji Chang-wook’s DMs. (Just joking. Don’t accomplish that.)

eleven. Gonjunim – “Princess”

One historical K-crisis fans available to choose from? Gonjunim is actually an excellent Korean title off endearment it means “princess.” Yes, it indicates speaing frankly about the girlfriend since if she had been royalty; which, the fresh honorific suffix nim is placed into express reverence. Whenever made use of humorously and with a person’s acceptance, this can be a perfect cure for lose the girl that have admiration and allow her to know who’s manager. (It’s their unique. She’s the new employer.)

But just guarantee you that you will not utilize this degree so you can address ladies in a scary otherwise patronising method. Nobody requires one within their life!

several. Wangjanim – “Prince”

After the example a lot more than, wangjanim (“prince”) was a term from endearment you to definitely some feminine could use to help you suit its chill, hurrying, and gentlemanly boyfriends. Inside a exact feel, this may sound a small away-of-lay when applied outside of the framework out of several months K-drama such as for example 100 Weeks My Prince, however, here you may have it.

Normally, boyfriends use this Korean name of endearment whenever addressing their girlfriends. It’s a pet term to-name your special people otherwise family member. As a matter of fact, extremely common for mothers to utilize this statement to refer on the students too. Somewhat adorable, is not it?

14. Bepeu – “Companion”

Never assume all terms of endearment must be getting people or close matchmaking. You will find some fun and you may cute Korean words you may use to address friends, as well. T his second you’re perhaps not an effective Korean identity of endearment by itself, nonetheless it nonetheless offers a comparable belief and you will intention.

Bepeu was good Korean jargon phrase plus the shortened particular brand new Konglish (Korean-concept English) words beseuteu peurendeu otherwise closest friend. If you and your bestie display a common focus to have hallyu otherwise Korean community, next render bepeu a try.

15. Bu bu – “Partnered pair”

Bu bu usually means “wife and husband” otherwise “married couple.” Partners don’t very make use of this title out-of endearment to handle for each and every most other, but people will reference an alternative couple as such. T his Korean term was especially used for lovers inside the relationship matchmaking. It is slightly adorable and you may pleasant, however.

As it happens that we are obligated to pay both our sleepless evening and you can all of our polyglot goals in order to K-dramas. Most of the joking away, develop your liked this freeze direction into Korean terms of endearment. When the discover people topics you want me to defense second inside our Korean words collection , let us know.

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